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A Toy Puppet Theater For Kids

A puppet is a small figure and a representation of a person or animal. It has a body made of cloth and a hollow head designed to be manipulated by hand.

A puppet theater is the setting where puppets are manipulated by puppeteers using either hands or strings to entertain the audience while they hide themselves in the background.

  • 16 Jul 2017

Looking For The Perfect Doll Tea Set

There is a wide range of collectible miniature items associated with tea time. One of the most popular is the children's doll tea set. Some of these miniatures even come from the actual era when tea was a very valuable commodity.

  • 29 Jul 2017
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30 Jul 2017
Posted By Rudolph D.

Easy To Create Halloween Indian Costumes For Kids

Halloween is an exciting time for kids, with getting together with friends, going out and trick-or-treating, and bringing home a sack of goodies. And, finding the right costume is essential. You can always go to the store and pick something up, but chances are a dozen other kids will have the same costume. Making Halloween Indian costumes is easy and a great choice for your boy or girl.For girls you'll need a large tan t-shirt to start with, preferably to the knees, to make a dress.
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